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Brand Identity
Faculty advisors
Abby Guido
Bryan Satalino
Ecovative advisor
Danielle Marino

MYCO is an environmentally conscious wine gift box that celebrates the power of people and fungi working together.This project was designed in collaboration with Ecovative’s Mushroom Packaging®, a biodegradable alternative to Styrofoam clamshell packaging. The challenge was to design a wine mailer that showcased mycelium packaging while also incorporating mushrooms into the brand.  

Top-down view of MYCO bottles laid out in concentric circles

MYCO (a Greek prefix referencing fungi) uses mushrooms to elevate everything from the branding to the wine-tasting experience. The wine grapes are cultivated using mycorrhizae, an organic farming technique in which plant roots are grown with fungi that increase resistance to pests and disease.

Once the wine has reached its prime, it is bottled, packaged in Mushroom Packaging®, and nestled in a mailer box. All of the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, meaning that MYCO’s eco-friendly impact extends from the vineyard all the way to the end of the product’s life cycle.

Three MYCO wine bottles positioned in front of open Mushroom® Packaging clamshell

The core of the MYCO brand is the spore print, a mark created by pressing the gills of a mushroom against a sheet of paper. The vibrant blue color scheme references cyanotypes, a popular spore printing technique. A system of abstract shapes, such as asterisks and helices, evoke intertwined roots, spores, and mycelial networks.

The shape of the spore print also expands into a system of round stickers describing the varietals and flavor notes for each wine. The shape of a postage stamp is also included as an homage to the wine mailer, as seen in the logo, the bottlenecks, and the postage label on the box.

Sketches and moodboards for the MYCO brand.
Three MYCO wine bottles arranged in a row

Three MYCO wine bottles in a vertical floating stack with wine splashes and label graphics


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